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Our video SOUTH WESTERN AUSTRALIA on the news!

GWN7 News presented online our video

South Western Australia by Sky Perth

There's no such thing as bad press, right? Well, on this certain occasion we think we might be right. Sky Perth recently did a company project here, and as it can be seen it picked up steam with the news, and social media had a bit of a moment with us. The Australian television network GWN7 liked our videography that one of our Sky Perth drones did, we sent the drone on a mission to capture the beauty of South Western Australia, and what beauty it uncovered!

So not only did we get some great coverage and went viral, but we were interviewed about the project. Here's the scoop on why we did the project:

With technology moving society on so quickly, advancements are changing everything from business and art, to home appliances and social interaction... sometimes it can be quite hard to take a step back from the faster paces of life with everything that is happening.

Funny then, that advances in technology can help us to slow things down and take a look at the bigger picture, how I hear you ask? Well, drones are increasingly becoming more prevalent, with long-running batteries, remotely controlled, interesting facilities such as high-definition cameras and much more, but we all know that some of their newsworthy actions and their owners have not been on the nicer side of the media.

However, the contents of this article, and the work it's complementing are by and large a showcase of the gracious and phenomenal achievements that drones can bring not only to your business, but to art, photography and videography too. There are certainly far more responsible organisations out there, setting the bar for best practices and uses of drones, and Sky Perth are one of those taking the reigns.

Taking a great adventure, our drone powered up its batteries, then started the flight to Sugarloaf Rock and around the Cape to Cape Track, continuing on gallivanting around Northpoint Gracetown and Meelup Beach, covering miles and miles of ground, seeing everything from the blistering sun hitting the crashing waves, melting onto the sandy shores, to the leafy escapes that people flock to Australia for.

Traditional photography and videography has always shown some of the highlights that this region has been able to provide, often with the aerial views coming via way of expensive helicopter rides. Our drone project proved that those days are now gone, drones provide a cost-effective way of producing fantastic photography and videos, and still of the highest calibre, as can be seen from our video; the proof is in the pudding.

Here is the original footage of Sky Perth's drone adventure, cheers for taking a look, and feel free to share and comment. There's certainly more adventures to come, so stay tuned for the next one.

Written by Rodrigo Branco Matsumoto, Posted in Media, Videos

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