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Getting Serious About Aerial Photography

SKY PERTH featured on the latest 3DR e-book


As we continue to peruse the sky and bring you the photography and work we believe in, SKY PERTH has begun to gain just a little recognition in the world of drone photographers...

We are proud to acknowledge that we have been honoured with a feature, and the title of one of the best drone photographers in the world by 3DR. Want to know more? All is revealed and showcased in a brand new ebook, which you can read here.

The interview gives you a bit more of a backdrop on some of what we consider to be our style, influences and much, much more. And it's not all about us, there are some very talented artists and even some valuable information about drone photographers in it too, so it's crammed for the drone lovers.

It's certainly great to gain some more notoriety with such a reputable company, but one thing that the ebook highlights for us, is that as more attention and light is shone onto drones, there is far more credibility and professionalism being showcased within the speciality sector, and this pushes us to continue to traipse the skies in search of the great shots that inspire us, and to fly the flag further... or the drone (whichever analogy you prefer).

Written by Rodrigo Branco Matsumoto, Posted in Media

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Rodrigo Branco Matsumoto

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